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Keeping a homepage up-to-date is a hopeless operation. But I figure that it should be easier to keep a site up-to-date if I deliberately keep it simple, inconsistent, unstructured, and generally chaotic - that way I can just jump in and mess around with the pages any time, spontaneously.  So, my friend, you have been warned...

New family member 2008!

Get in touch- my phonenumber, email address, snailmail address, etc. 

My life story - "Who is this guy anyway"?

The professional pages- My professional goals, experience, ongoing projects, etc. 

Hobbies- I'm the type of guy that never gets bored!

Homemade Music - A selection of home made music 

Webfriends - links to the homepages of some friends.

Photo album - some miscellaneous photos from past and present. 


Latest fun pictures
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Sophia about to take a flight with a... flying gummijolle!

Believe it or not, it actually does fly!

Quincy and Charlie performing the ritual stick dance, a.k.a "stick deadlock". This photo actually makes a really nice desktop wallpaper.

Other stuff

Junkfind - my latest shareware project, helps clean your disk

Bandplanner - a nifty little service I made for band management

My master's thesis on micropayment solutions

The Wedding Site (yep, newly married! Well... it feels like newly anyway!)

The dreaded Skigang invaded Val Thorens

Bean Bowl project

White Orb project (not active)

Om du tror att du kan, s? kan du. Och om du tror att du inte kan, s? f?r du r?tt./Mar Kay Ash