Homemade music

Here is a selection of music made by myself or together with friends. The latest songs are on top, in MP3 format.

There are also some demo recordings with my bands:

Here's my first attempt to mix a video. Obviously not too good at it, but I had fun and I'm learning :o)

Playing around with Indigo. Various live clips from rehearsals and gigs.

Funky Oswald live at Mosebacke, Stockholm. I'm on the keys, lurking in the darkness behind the pretty ladies.
Title Date Place Participants Notes
Slack Feb 2011 Färingsö Me myself & I

A funky disco experiment with a crazy-ass bass solo at the end because I didn't know what to do. Loving my TD-9 digital drumset, makes laying drum tracks so much more fun!

Crazy Keys Groove Nov 2009 Färingsö Me myself & I

This was a quick one. You have to be quick when you have 3 small kids that burst in on you at random moments as you record.

I wasn't planning to make a song, I was just practicing drums, and was recording myself to see if I could stay tight for more than a minute. After a while I grabbed my bass just to see "check" how tight the drums were. And then of course I had to add some keyboard to check how tight the bass was and... well... it kind of went on like that for an hour or so. Then I had this little song. Well, not really a song. More like a cute little groove.

I decided to name it crazy keys since the keyboard kind of gets more and more out of control until total freak-out at the end.

Funkaholic (draft) 2005 - 2006 Färingsö Me myself & I

This one'll make you wanna move your legs!

It all started when I bought a cheap old wah-wah pedal for my ol' guitar. I've tried wah-wah before but never owned a pedal of my own. When I plugged it in and let the monster loose I became terribly inspired and, luckily, pressed that little REC button in my studio. And the rest of the song sort of evolved from that first guitar track. Guitar and bass is real, rest is done on the keyboard.

The song is by no means complete, but I like it so I've stuck it up here anyway.

We'll probably be doing this one live with Funky Oswald. Looking forward to figuring out a horns arrangement.

Inspiration 2006 Stockholm Moi

This one was 100% spontaneous. I was sitting at Marcus' place. trying out his keyboard and his cool music program Garage Band on the Mac. I was totally amazed by the guitar sound, so I pressed Rec and played around for a minute or so. Turned out quite nice so I went back immediately and added another track (vibraphone I think) on top. That was it. Quickest recording ever.

This is by no means a song, it just more like... uh... well... just pretty music. Listen for yourself, I don't know what to call it. Flamenco inspired certainly. The underlying harmonies are based loosely on Safungo so don't be surprised if they sound slightly similar.

Safungo 2003 nov Färingsö Me & Peter

Safungo stands for SalsaFunkTango, the song is a mixture of those three styles. It starts with tango, evolves to salsa, then to funk, and then throws it all together at the end, picking up intensity along the way. Actually wait a sec that intro doesn't really sound much like tango at all! Oh well the name's stuck now.

The song has evolved unconsciously over the grand piano during the past couple of years, I figured it was time to make something out of it. This is the first time I've made a serious attempt to record acoustic guitar and the result is, if I may say so, pretty darn nice! The two decent microphones I bought sure helped. Many of the sounds in the song are computer-based but the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, and tablas were recorded using real instruments. Peter (my drum buddy from Indigo and Love Machine) used a digital drumset (looks and plays like a normal drumset but the sound is all digital, saves you a lot of acoustic hassle), except for the tablas.

I discovered a new recording technique while making this song. After micking up the acoustic guitar I did a complete take while just "playing around" on the guitar to figure out what to play where. I planned to dump that take but when I listened to it afterwards I realized to my surprise that it contained a lot of spontaneous little things that I couldn't repeat later. So I simple removed the parts that I didn't like and kept rest. Sort of the opposite of what I normally do. I'm going to use that technique more often in the future, as it captures a lot more spontaneous feel.

Ave Sophia 2003 nov Färingsö Just me

First new song in 10 years, would you believe it? I've been spending more time playing with bands and not really had time to muck about with home recordings... but now I'm back!

This is a rerecording of an old song that I made ages ago (I'll upload the original some day). This time it's just me and the piano, a live take (OK with some slight fiddling afterwards to remove the worst mistakes). A friend gave me this awesome grand piano sound for my computer so I got inspired and recorded this song.

By the way this is probably the only "real" song I've ever made, i.e. one that A) has a melody and B) can be performed by one person live. Hope to make more, now that I have a studio in my basement I'm running out of excuses...

Another inspiring factor while making this song was the fact that my newborn son Dave (4 weeks) was sleeping in the sofa behind me, great to cuddle with between takes :o)

Birdy Chirp 1992? Stockholm Just me This is another one of those "hey, cool, I'm going to make a song that uses THIS sound", in this case a "birds chirping" sound (you'll hear it) that I discovered on my at-that-time-relatively-new Korg 01/Wfd keyboard.  Not really a central feature of the song, but hell I have to make up some name...

I like this song quite a lot actually, it is very dynamic and groovy. Unfortunately I wasn't good enough at sax to be able to play the melody, so I had to give up and use a synth sound for that (although I did keep a few seconds of sax in the middle of the song, the few seconds that sounded decent). Except for the electric bass and that little bit of sax, everything is keyboard.

Carbonara 1992? Bullandö Me, Jocke Emthén, Stefan Olsdal A definite favorite. Jocke played guitar and Stefan played guitar and bass (if I remember correctly). I played sax and all the keyboard stuff (drums, etc). Carbonara, named after what we had for dinner that day, is a jazzy bossa-style ballad with weird rythms and even weirder chords, but somehow very soothing and relaxing to listen to.

I think Stefan came up with the strange chords in the chorus. I remember we had a hell of a time trying to find a two-voice melody fitting those chords. It worked out well though, at least in my opinion...

Slick Sax Song 1992? Bullandö Me & Stefan Olsdal Why do I keep making sax songs when that is the instrument I am worst at? I guess that's the best way to learn...

Stefan come up with the basic song and plays guitar on this recording. I did the arrangement and melody, and play sax and electric bass and all keyboard stuff. It was fun, although I spent several hours doing retakes to get the saxophone stuff right. At the end everything fades out except bass, guitar, and sax, leaving those three to jam together. This wasn't planned when we recorded it, we came up with that idea when mixing it all down. I like that kind of unplanned stuff. 

Do I say "stuff" alot?

Schitzo Jam 1992? Stockholm Me myself and I This is one of those weird songs that just sort of popped out of nowhere. I was sitting in Mattias' apartment, feeling creative. So I plugged in an electric guitar and just fooled around a bit. Then, just for fun, I added some more stuff and ... well... after few hours I had this crazy song. I challenged myself to record as many "real" instruments as possible (i.e. use the keyboard only for instruments that I don't have).  The real instruments were electric guitar, electric bass, and alto sax - the rest is my Korg 01/Wfd keyboard.

I think this was the second time I dared record myself playing sax (Smiling Groove was the first I think), and as you can hear I wasn't exactly a virtuos... It was great fun!

Ethereal 1992? Stockholm Just me This song wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Mattias. I was living at his place and once I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a bit melancholic. So I drifted over to the keyboard, put on my earphones, and played atmospheric music using a really soft spacy sound that put me in a trance-like mood. I pressed "record" for some reason and then promptly forgot about it and let my fingers wander.

Next morning when I woke up I played it to myself. Mattias happened to overhear and insisted that I keep the song (I usually regard those things as "scraps" or "place fillers" and leave them lying around on disks). It felt a bit bare though so I sat down and added some piano, pan flute, harp, strings, and other things without changing the original recording. The result was quite nice, if I may say so! Thanks Mattias  :o)


The dream 1992? Stockholm Just me This song is Atmosphere with a big A. It was done in pretty much exactly the same way as Ethereal above. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling melancholic and started doing melancholic and dramatic improvisations on the keyboard. Then next morning I added stuff to the song, strings and stuff (even a rocket taking off at one point) without changing the original recording. This technique makes for very spontaneous, emotional music. I would say this is the emotionally strongest song I've made - maybe because I was just about to leave the teen-age period and become "adult"...
Gitarr Ballad 1991? Yokohama? Just me This is one of the few songs with real acoustic guitar, the main reason being that I don't have a any proper mike for acoustic guitar so it's difficult to make it sound good. Of course, the title of this song refers to the wailing electric guitar melody (which is actually played on my keyboard because I neither have the skill nor the equipment to do that on a real guitar...) - the acoustic guitar is in the background.

Apart from acoustic guitar and electric bass everything was done on the keyboard. 

This song follows pretty standard harmonies but it has quite a lot of soul. I'm pretty happy with it.

Slow Blues 1991? Yokohama? Just me Blues is really the foundation of my music taste and playing style, yet I've made very few blues songs. This song was designed to change that - it is simple your good ol' allround, slow, heavy down-in-the-dumps-cuz-I-just-lost-my-wife-and-dog blues (well, a bit happier than that) with lots of solos and no melody whatsoever. 

As usual most stuff is done on the keyboard, but I did use electric bass and a steel-string guitar slide (you'll hear it whining in the background sometimes). 

Smiling Groove 1991? Yokohama Just me This must have been the first I recorded myself playing saxophone (I even recorded two sax tracks). And acoustic guitar as well for that matter...

I like this song alot, although the performance is quite amateurish and messy there is a nice groove to this song (hence the name). This was the period when I started experimenting more and more with live instruments in my recordings - previously everything was just done in the keyboard. Partly because I wasn't so good at playing the other instruments, and partly because I didn't have the equipment for it.

Aggressive Funk 1991 Yokohama Just me I had just bought my shiny new Korg 01/Wfd keyboard. Since this was the first song I made on the new toy I had to use all 16 channels and all effects and other little features that I missed on my ol' M1.  This song is an orgy in twisted syncopations, inspired by Tower of Power-style horn grooves.

There's lots more, but I haven't gotten around to making MP3s of the them yet....