Saturday - day 2

I'll keep this short since we're writing this around midnight day 3...

Most of us went skiing and some of us (the more heroic ones) stayed behind and got us a much better hotel in Granada.  Of course, they had a really nice sight-seeing day in the sun.

Quote of the day

"Är inte det här ett pastaland som alla andra spansktalande länder, som Italien?!" (Stefan)

    Translation: "Isn't this a pastaland like all other spanish-speaking countries, like Italy?!"

Spontaneous comments

"I love the world, eh, pretty much, err." (Mattias)

"Can't remember what happened" (Kat)

"Wait, I have to think about what happened..." (Anette)


"Aaah, Sierra Nevada... it should be SUNNY Nevada!" (Sia)

Everyone (almost) on a bridge on the way up to Sierra Nevada


Breakfast at a local café


Warning for mad skiing cows


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