Worreed Parents Page

Hi mommy and daddy, I am in Spane sking togethr with all my frends.  I am having much fun.  Hope you are to.  I am brushing my teeth carfuly evry day, and never leeving my food on the plait.  I am also behaving nisely to all grownups.

I am not drinking lots of beer and parteeing and being loud and dancing down the street and singing stuped songs at macdonalds.  If anywon tels you i am, then dont beleeve him.  I am in bed before nine like you told me, every nite, not after three.  I am sking carfuly and slowly only in the green slope, not recklessy off pist or in the black slope, since that is dangerus.  I am not driving a car on a dark, twisty, foggy, slippery mountain rode bounded by five hundred meter high kliffs.

So dont you pleez worry about me.  I even take my vitamins.