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What a great skitrip!  It was a bit of a pain to organize but it was worth every minute! Thanks to the people that helped out, special thanks to Moffe for getting us a great hotel on such short notice, and thanks to everyone else for being great company!  13 unique, whacko personalities skiing, cooking, and singing happily together :o)

In this gang the rule "once is a tradition" seems to apply - two years ago I hatched the crazy idea of going to the alps with a bunch of friends and now, vóila, it is a tradition!  An expensive one too... *gulp* hopefully we'll all get out of school soon and start working so we can afford trips like this! 

Auf Wienerschnitzel!  Where should we go next year, some of you mentioned France?

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Sausage. Somepasta. SNOW, lots! Skiing! Friends! Fun!
All in all a pretty damn good week!

Great great week. Certain memories stick out.... Off pist, sometimes on
purpose! Öl...Erl..öl..Erl....  Moffe's patience with teaching me swedish
sounds. The party. The thermal temple. Hats hats hats. Beautiful apartments.
and of course the incredible skiing and everyone's patience. Oh, and giving so
many their first (and second and third and...) chiropractic adjustments! I feel
so lucky to have blundered into such a great gang of people. Aquarius Rocks!
(and officially we had the first playing of Aquarius in Austria!) Thanks

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Oh, beautiful schnee! 
How I shall miss thee,
Back in Schlaskiga Schtockholm.

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Wow the schki trip was a schtruling blast!! Everything went scho 
schmoothly once we got there, it was really wonderful :) Thanks
everyone for such a great trip, and heres a specific thank you to
those of you who worked your butts off to make this whole thing

Note: Erl and I had our little Day 8, since we arrived home a
day after everyone else. We spent our time reading and relaxing. On
saturday evening, we sat in the mysig restaurant wagon and talked for
hours over beer, and it was really nice.

Jocke! we missed you!

This is exactly what my brain needed, drop all the formulas and concentrate on skiing for a week.  My subconscious was also skiing - I woke up one evening kicking Anders (I was sleeping in the sofa and he was sitting in it) because I dreamt I was crossing my skis! 

I've had a wonderful time with happy crazy people, great living quarters, and lots of enjoyment. In the depth of my heart there are frozen of moments of peace, nature, great views, small alpine huts on mountaintops, mixed with the best skiturns of the week.

Thank you everyone for happy days, thanks Lisa for chiromagic, thanks Karin for letting me borrow her Telemark skis, thanks Kung Bore for snow, and hello hello to my family!


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