Getting to and from Lövhagens gård

Lat: N 59 ° 19' 16
Long: E 17 ° 46' 50

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By subway & bus... bus.gif (1264 bytes)

Take the subway to Brommaplan (green line north/west).
Then take a bus from bus stop "F" (a bit off to the left when you get outside) the station.
Get off the bus at Troxhammar. Takes about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.

Here is the bus schedule.

If you get impatient waiting for the bus there are cabs near the subway exit.
Ask them to go to Lövhagens Gård 2, or Lövhagens Gårdsväg 27.

For instructions on how to get to the house (an 800 meter walk) see the Map (walk from point 3 to point 5).
Or call from the bus and we'll pick you up.