Misc stuff...

Fredrik even got place for a remote control in his bed...

Le nouveau style: Baguette-nosed Carinne and Johanna

The beautiful Meribel-valley, next-door-neighbours to Val Thorens.

The (in)human alarm clock Henrik.

Helmut 1, Helmut 2 and Sofia looking grim
(with a look that tough, you don't need a helmet)

SK460 Mårten taking off from le Pluviometer Runway.
All systems checked...

Fredrik and Johanna and loooots of snow :))

Lunch with our favourite ski area in the background: Glacier!
(from left: Johanna, Sophia, Johan, Ullis, Anders and Fredrik)

Helmut Karin and her beloved Mårten

A stick , a Fredrik, a Mont Blanc and a Johan.

Sia and Henrik at the pizzeria
(note: sias chins are not dirty, it's the classical panda style skiing-tan)

Karin in excellent style. Johan stands in awe above.

Johan, Christian and Fredrik ready to go!

Christian lying about today's escapades.
Notice le Donken, who needs bottled wine anyway?

Daniel, Plutten, Henrik and Johan making webpages.

*sigh* nostalgic memories...
I heard one gets good dreams by sleeping with a pist map under the pillow!

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