Skigang fanclub

Here is a collection of responses from skigang fanclub members during our trip:

Who was the kid on the first page?

Gunnar Dicander I think it is Anders Olsson. If that is correct, I would like to have my
Volvo metallic blue (Wasn´t the price a new Volvo for the winner?).
Steve Rapaport Henrik, er, où peut-etre c'etait Henri....
Ulf Åkerstedt Ja tror de e Sophia på bilden.
Ha det fantastiskt trevligt!
Jörgen Dicander Häääj
 Anders O.
Jörgen Persson Stéfano Le Tumb or Hénrique Le Knîv without a doubt.
Mårten Stenius Anders!
Max Maendler well, obviously, it is mattias.
of course the hair is a bit misleading, but that was a cheap trick, lads, i
got him anyway. most revealing was the grab on that yellow plastic version
of a bottle of beer, the glasses (hardly hidden on top of his head) and the
mouth - a close look at the lips shows he is singing "father abraham" even
back then.
only doubt that there is no elk in the background, but then again, given all
the modern communication tech you guys are using, you probably just cut it

And the winner is.........
Yep, the brat on the picture is Henrik! (Jörgen P was close but he guessed twice so he's disqualified!)

Vurpmeister name suggestions

Alex Vlassof For your little riddle, how about "Le maître de Vurpe".
'T' Olsson Bonjour les enfants,

My suggestion for Vurpmeister, aka El Vurpo is "Le Vurpör" - try to grunt the
French "R" properly. Also, must be pronounced with Lidingö-long "ÖÖÖÖH". OK, so
it wasn't very original; but where can I collect the free matches?

HAVE FUN IN THE SUNSHINE!!! Not at all jealous, no no

Jörgen Dicander Maître/maîtresse de la neige! Y voilà notre proposition.
Jesper "Kotten" Värn Le Vurpieur de jour
eller d femininum
La Vurpiere du jour
Radek Nowicki la Vurpe

And the winner is....
The selection was based on which term we actually used most during the trip, and the fact that she included things like the pronounciation. We made up a feminine version: La Vurpesse (pronounciation: "Vurp Äss")

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