It's time for the 5th annual trip by the dreaded Skigang! This time we are in...

January 20 - 27, 2001


Le Skigang 2001
André, Henri, Carinne, Mattiàs, Annà,Charles-Jôhan,
Sofie, Sophie, Pelé, Ûllis,Viveque et Stephàn!
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Misc stuff added after the trip
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Many years ago...
One of the skigang members in action on an... uh... earlier skitrip.
Who? The answer is on the fanclub page!

Linques Avoriazienne

Previous skitrips
  • Badhofgastein (1997) - this was in the primitive days before the digital camera, so it is undocumented
  • Hasta la Pista (1998) - skigang invades Sierra Nevada
  • Achtung Baktung (1999) - skigang reinvades Badhofgastein
  • Nowhere (2000) - due to le Y2K-bûg there was no official skigang invasion that year



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