The official Hasta la Pista page

We are 14 amigos that decided to invade Sierra Nevada for a week.  Since Stefan took the trouble of bringing a digital camera, we decided that we might as well publish some nice pictures during the week, so you can all see how fun we are (or aren't) having.

Anyway, we are: Henrik, Sophia, Sofia, Stefan, Mattias, Viveka, Anette, Kristian, Katrin, Jocke, Anders, Erland, Karin, and Mårten (sorry about putting you last Mårten, it's nothing personal).

The trip is over now, but if you want to send us a comment anyway feel free to email us at

If you are a worried parent, go to the Worried Parents page instead.  Don't read the below!

Our portraits (in the same order as listed above)