Tuesday - day 5

Ath you will see in the pictureth prethented to you, our faces are a tinge redder.  Sunprotection 45 does not even work.  Poor Mårten had to stay in bed.  He says: "vad ska jag säga?".  He looks kinda happy for being sick.  "I feel better now" he says slyly, "I'm never going to eat spanish waffles again"

Sia: "det enda som går upp mot en kopp te är en andra kopp te" (translation: the only thing that can compare to a cup of tea is a second cup of tea).

Right now we are all sitting in room 208 (the smoker room) (*cough*) celebrating Moffe's (Sofia M) birthday.  We all surprised her by having her wait in the corridor while we all sat in the room, waiting to surprise her while she was standing in the corridor, when she would come in from the corridor to be surprised.  Any year now, Jocke will play "Lille Humfred" for all of us.  He is trying to wriggle out of it, but there is no way he will succeed.

Anette was voted as today's La Vurpa after several descents in a flurry of snow, poles, skiis and cameras.  Now we know why they have avalanche warnings for the off-pist.  Comment: "Well I went down the expert backe without falling, so THERE!", she says with a toothbrush in her hair (expert level according to spanish standards - scribe's note).

Anette is also our mascot so her burden is heavy.  Everyone is now chanting "humfred", "humfred".  Mattias will soon say something, but he has to think about it first.

"That is not fair, that sucks", says Stefan.

Viveka has now picked up the guitar and is leading some all-sång.  "Tänk att du är du, tänk att jag är jag...".  Jocke is playing with toilet paper, he finds any excuse to not have to play Humfred.  We always make him play humfred.  Now everyone is chanting "JOCKMOCK".  Jocke threw a toilet paper roll on top of a coke bottle, and it was like quite cool (says Mattias).  Could the reason for this be his frustration that he is not allowed to throw toilet paper at the toilet (according to the big sign in the bathroom).

"I want some more chips, dammit", says Stefan.

Mattias still hasn't thought of something to say.

Jocke is tuning the guitar, there is hope!.

"It's true, it's true, we are all part of the internet now", stays Stefan who has toilet paper stuck on his foot.

WE JUST BROKE (RIGHT NOW, THAT IS) MOFFE'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT!  (we are all crying loudly, and laughing at the same time).  And Jocke is promising her a new birthday present (says Anders).  Sofia gråter med illa dold förtjusning.  "Nu slipper jag släpa tillbaks den där hemska saken till Stockholm".  Sofia dementerar men ihärdiga rykten kvarstår.

Tumba is ranting incoherently.  Who the hell says Russians can take Vodka anyway (says Anders).  Now more people are ranting incoherently.

THE GUITAR IS TUNED!   Everyone is cheeeering!!!!

They are complaining at me, I'm too slow.  OH NO!  Tumba steals the guitar!  The gang sitting on Mattias' bed says "Whea, wheowheeeeeaaay...." and rocks back and forth.  No names mentioned...

TUMBA DETUNED THE GUITAR!!!!  (it really sounds bad now).  The gang sitting on Mattias' bed says "Whea, wheowheeeeeaaay...." and rocks back and forth.

Everyone starts singing Humfred, trying to force Jocke to start playing. Jocke is really getting cornered now.  Another bottle falls into the floor.  The gang sitting on Mattias' bed says "Whea, wheowheeeeeaaay...." and rocks back and forth.

Tumba digs desperately into the chipbag.

Oooooh,  Anders is getting his guitar too, what will happen now???  The gang sitting on Mattias' bed says "Whea, wheowheeeeeaaay...." and rocks back and forth.  Now they are singing "Punchen kommer", Mattias face and head is very red...

A LOUD BANG ON THE DOOR!   Total silence!  Uh oh, the other guests are complaining...

Ah, it was only Anders scaring the crap out of us!  Phew.... The noise resumes again.

Everyone starts singing "We shall overcome...", and rocking back and forth.  Everyone, not only the Mattias' bed gang.  But they started.  Tumba starts singing x-mas carols.  (he is getting drunk - scribes note).

"Vänta, kan ni ta en paus jag måste kissa", says Mattias.  That must be why he is getting redder and redder.

"Humfred, humfred, humfred...." everyone chants now.  Jocke uses the bottle as a guitar slide.  Desperately trying to get away from his fate.  Another bottle falls into the floor.

"Come on barbie lets go party OOH, OOH, OOH, yeah" screams everyone.

A giant "AAAAH" just went through the room as more beer was discovered.  Erl bemoans the small beer bottles "25 cl, vad ska man göra med 25 cl, fukta tungan???".

Jocke starts playing Humfred!  Hurraaayy!!!!  Everyone sings along happily. "Du-durur-du-du-dururuu--du-dururu-duuuuu.....".

Click here to listen to us singing beautifully (this might not work for some of you, but nothing bad will happen.  It might take up to a minute or so).

Suddenly Jocke stops - "jag kom inte ihåg den där mitten delen...".  He hops on to the next chorus instead, everyone sings along.  The song never stops, as soon as Jocke stops everyone starts singing another chorus and Jocke has to keep playing.  He is starting to look sweaty.

Everyone bangs their bottles and glasses together- "HAPPY NEW YEAR" shouts Anders.

"bep-bebebep-bep-bebebep-bep-bebebep-beeeeee..." shouts Tumba, and everyone joins in for yet another chorus.

Mattias is in the toilet.  Tumba shouts "Om du väntar en sekund så kan vi kissa i kors" and Erl mistakes it for that Tumba wants to kiss Mattias.  Since I am writing most things down, people are getting afraid to say things.  Silence....

Anders and Erl continue wishing each other happy new year.  They reach 2000 and die of the millenium bug.

OK that's it for now, my fingers are smoking.  Live action internet reporting,

/Henrik, member of the dreaded SKIGANG

Oh yeah, the answer to the riddle of day 4.  A well.  Funny, huh?

Anders chasing a bird Hooking up to the internet Jocke is trying to get Anders attention, but Anders keeps looking for the danged bird

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