Wednesday - day 6

A new record!
Today, for the first time in human history, a car actually managed to get to the slope before 10 o'clock.  That's right, BEFORE TEN O'CLOCK.  That's a.m. ladies and gentlemen.  Of the six earlybirds, four collapsed by 1 o'clock however, and went to see Alhambra instead.  I was not present, but Henrik says "We were a bit too late to actually get into the core of Alhambra, but we were so tired, that we weren't really that disappointed to be honest.  But it was nice, the other parts, what do you call it"  "The parts around it" Mattias fills in.  Henrik in a flash of inspiration concludes "The part outside of the core!"  Well, that's 12 centuries of history for you, summarized in a few sentences.  More importantly Henrik states "Oh yeah, I bought sneakers AND socks at Supermacado, what's it called" etc. You get the picture.

This is our revenge for Henrik's misquotes (i.e. true quotes, that we wish nobody knew about) from last night.

Back to skiing.  There were two extremely good vurps (sv. vurpor, eng. wurps) today.  Fortunately I was the only one to see both of them, which puts me in a very advantageous position.  So far I have eaten some free desert, and am receiving a massage at this moment.  Yet, in all fairness, I (Anders) have decided to declare two vurp-(sp. el vurpos, ger. wurpmeisters)-masters of the day.  TristianK went störtlopping (worried parents read "went down nice and slowly") and suddenly realized the hill was no longer nice and smooth, whereafter he continued störtlopping (w.p. "going down nice and slowly") on his back (w.p. feet).  Mattias found a beautiful black slope, managed to fall (worried parents better stop reading NOW) at the steepest part, almost managed to stop, but then continued sliding down without skis for another 20 meters.

Rumours say that a group of dreaded skigang members went off to a teteria (like cafeteria, except they sell tea, or so they thought), where they drank tea, and smelled the smell of some kind of spice (w.p. Probably basil).

To conclude everybody had a nice day (w.p. everybody had a nice day)!

Mårten feeling much better and eating again at the lunchställe where he got ill.


Mattias surfing under our internet connection


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