Thursday - day 7


Half the group made a bet last night - those that are standing at the ski-lift when it opens (at 8:30am) each receive 10 pesetas from every person that is not at the skilift at that time.  So me, Anders, Mattias, Stefan, and Katrin hurry like hell to make it there on time, getting up at 7 am (it takes 45 minutes to drive up the mountain), and actually make it exactly on time! And what happens? The lift-opening is delayed one hour!  Isn't that typical?

Well, anyway, the others overslept so they didn't make it anyway.  So we got our 10p each :o)

It was a looong skiing day (which was our goal) with varying weather, although we had so fun we didn't worry about the weather too much. We had at least a few hours of strong sunshine. Karin and Sophia did some telemark skiing - Sophia tried for the first time, she was overjoyed. Anette wandered around in Granada on her own, she was too tired to ski and wanted to do some shopping. Stefan and Anders slept all morning (and thus lost the bet...).  Hmmm... and what about everyone else?  Lemee think...

Well, anyway, the rest of us skied (how do you spell that anyway?) and had a great day.  A bit of nostalgia after the last run.  I was involved in a mad nudd-race down the last slopes (it's like tag, or jousting - you try to touch each other with the ski-poles), very fun but very tiring.  Mattias is the El Vurpo of today, after losing control and stumbling down the same steep slope that earned him his partial El Vurpo title yesterday!

In the evening we all went out to a pasta place and had our last big dinner together.  The owner (I think he was the owner) gave us champagne on the house afterwards, not bad!  Why doesn't that ever happen in Sweden? Mattias, Kristian, Jocke, and Stefan drank 20 year-old Cognac, not bad, eh? 800 pesetas per glass (big glasses).

On the way home me, Stefan, Jocke, and Kristian bumped into four cute Norwegian girls that asked us where the best bars are, and tried hard to pursuade us to join them.  Typical, that kinda stuff always happens the last night, when you are shit tired and have to get up early the next morning.  We had to disappoint them.  What's the chance of four scandinavian guys meeting four scandinavian girls in the middle of the night on a deserted street in Granada anyway?

I bet something else funny or interesting happened this day, but I'm really tired right now and I just came home (yes, I'm writing this in Sweden - we were too tired on thursday night...) so my brain isn't really in working order.  So I won't write anymore, I have to attend to the 107 emails that landed in my inbox during the week... grumble gripe.

Later on this evening I'll put together the epilogue.

Signing off,


Beware of these people!


The last meal *sob*


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