Jour 3

Spontaneous comments from people:

Mattias: Great weather!
Stefan: Is my backpack closed
Moffe: No comment. Nämen asså jag sa så här jag vill hellre gå och bowla! Nämen nämen nämen... aaaaaaa
Pelle: Haven't seen a better day since the war
Henrik: Where's that bloody thing (I'm looking for the characters on this damned US keyboard and laptop)
Anders: Yeah
Anna: (says something unintelligable)

Today was relatively... uh... bad? "Today sucked ASS" says Stefan (we shouldn´t swear so much here, children could be watching, so we´ll make all swear words in capitals, so please ignore these if you are the sensitive type. Thank you.). The weather that is. "It was so windy in the kröns" says MJ. Moffe giggles. Och det var så blött också.  Pelle: Vad skriver ni? Hej guys, stick to English. MJ is now reading this aloud to Pelle, who is eating some chocolate Mousse, how do spell that anyway, which by the way costed only 1 Franc. Or one and a half I think. The mousse, that is, not Pelle. He was cheaper.

Wait, digress!  "Det är dags för en bild" says Moffe.  OK which one? "The first one" says MJ. "Dom modiga riddarna" says Moffe. Moffe wins, because Henrik is the jury because, well, he has the keyboard HAHAHAHA!

While most people slept late, despite the avalanche canons, the above four ladies braved the weather. It was very windy, the kind that peels off your skin and keeps most lifts closed. Det var typ goggles istället för solglasögon sa Mattias att Moffe sa. ENGLISH please.  (HK will translate). Hmmm. Another unfortunate effect of closing many lifts is that the remaining lifts get LOOOOOOOOOOOONG lines. And all the *good* skislopes further up were closed and only the crappy blue ones on lower altitudes were open and... enough complaints... but the bus trip into Morzine and back to Avoriaz was 'interesting' though The Ladies would have preferred more skiing instead.

Now, lets just clear up one thing. The day was NOT crappy. The day was very nice. Except the weather. (Mattias tries to excuse the weather just a bit, but no one buys it except himself). Most of us bummed around and did things like read books, bowled, saw DVD movies, washed clothes (uh... two of us at least), played the car game, ate good food, and of course a few hours of skiing. Speaking of food...

Anders unpacking his banana lunch. He likes it soft and mushy. He used a straw to drink the banana directly from the pocket.

Today´s wurpmeister is Henrik, seen here below preparing dinner

Here he is (I love talking about myself in third person. By the way, even though I ... or HE I mean... I mean he means... is typing, I/he is/am surrounded by many creative gangmembers helping out with inspiration), looking happy despite his wurpmeisterness.

Why was he wurpmeister? Because he got stuck in the snow after the fall, he was lying on his back, head downhill, with both skiis stuck deeply in the snow. His trusty wife had to rescue him.

More spontaneous comments:

Sia: Pjäxorpjäxorpjäxor.
Karin: breaaaakfaaast (Karin coming with breakfast bread from the bakery).
Sia (more comments): Ond nederbörd. No fun skiing through clouds.

Nuddmeister is....... still Moffe who forgot to pass the title on to someone else during the day. Will not be repeated she says resolutely. Making the same face as yesterday.

Now a bit about the evening (by the way, editors comment, I beat Anders and Stefan in bowling!).

Here is Ullis and Pelle, a.k.a. the beauty and the beast, socializing:

As usual, we had a nice dinner. Luckily many of the skigang members like cooking so we have had good dinners every day.

More spontaneous comments:
Ullis: Bilspel

Here is the result of our experiments in "picture stitching", a nice feature of Anna and Mattias' camera. Worked out pretty nice :o)
The picture of us making this page actually. You can see most of the room.

So, that's it for today....


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