Jour 4

We are writing this on day 5 actually, because we never got around to doing it yesterday. We are now gathered around the dinner table, content, and figuring out what to write.

Pretty much all of us slept late, except Karin who faithfully went and bought bread early in the morning as usual. Today it rained and rained.

Mattias just did a vivid 5 minute description of exactly how Anders became Nuddmeister, but unfortunately I didn't get it down in writing. It was dramatic anyway, or so they say.

We had ambitious plans of going out that evening, but instead we stayed in our apartment and read aloud to each other from a really nice fantasy book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Would you believe it? Reading stories to each other! Not the kind of thing you normally do on a skitrip, right? It was great.

Other types of activities during day: juggling, playing Aquarius on the floor, singing and playing guitar, cooking good food (like every evening), playing Age of Empires on this computer, and being silly.

OKOKOK.  This is Henrik writing, and I was one of the more lazy ones during the day, I stopped skiing after lunch because I couldn't see crap and was afraid of running off a cliff or something. Most of the other people skiid quite a lot and had fun. I gotta get better glasses....

For dinner we ate.... potato and purjo soup with varmisar (toast with melted cheese and ham).

Mattias says: When we were on our way back from Morzine we said, hey there's a cute little train there. A train with little wheels, like kiddyland style or skansen or whatever. And it was like I think I'm afraid I was the one who sat down. And then we all sat on it and we were all happy. Well, I was happy. And then anyway it circled around town once and all the time we were like.. uh... is this train really going to Avoriaz and we all had a debate about it. It turned out that it just went around town, so we came back to the same place where we realized that maybe taking the bus would be a better idea! I think that's it right? (Which, by the way was on Monday, editors note)

OK, here is a selection of today's photos.

First of all, check out the circus monkey Bongo (video, 475K)

Arguing with God over the weather.

We lost the argument, and started playing games instead.

This is what the skiing was like, but most of us braved it. They say this is Viveka, though we have reasons to believe it is a Storm Trooper or the Masked Avenger.

Waiting eagerly for dinner...

... currently being prepared by one of our happy cooks!

We all felt like little kids during the storytelling...

...and, like little kids, we all dropped off one by one.

... and of course, the storyteller as well (Mattias and Henrik shared this role, Mattias was the last one standing).

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