Jour 7

This page is being constructed while in transit from Geneva to Stockholm. We fiddled with the pictures at the airport and now we're sitting on the plane trying to finish this page before the food comes. But we will fail because we can already smell it....

Sitting at the airport fiddling with the pictures.

Today some of us skiied and some of us bummed around in the village, either because they were too tired or because they only had 6 day lift passes. The weather was unstable early in the morning but turned out quite nice during lunch and afternoon, although the sun never quite managed to poke through the clouds. It was windy, but only if you went to the wrong slopes.

The gang that stayed in the village managed to occupy a restaurant pretty much the whole day by deliberately ordering stuff periodically to make them let us stay. We got the impression they didn't exactly love us... but they served us :o)

Pelle reading and drinking wine

Meanwhile some wild nudd action was going on in the slope. For those of you wondering what the %$#@ this nudd stuff really is, we've created a little instructional video. In this little video take (949kb), Henrik and Mattias are jousting furiously. Here are the basic rules:

  1. If one guy touches another guy with his pole or hand then the other is nudd, i.e. he has the nudd.
  2. You can only be nudded if you have your skiis on and are not in a lift line or a lift (although this rule is quite new and frequently broken). So it is an advantage to be very fast at taking off your skiis. This can often have very comical effects.
  3. Whoever is the last one to have the nudd for the day, is Nuddmeisterfor the day and is honored on our web site.
  4. Whoever is the last one to have the nudd on the last day (see below) is Nuddmeister for the year and will be picked on for the rest of the year by the rest of the gang
  5. Whoever is the last one to have the nudd on the last day of the last skitrip of the millenium is Nuddmestier of the Millenium. This is a great honor in a negative way, and occurs only seldomly.
  6. If A nudds B, and then C nudds D, then who is Nudd? This gets us to the advanced rules that we won't discuss here (most of us don't understand those rules anyway, and even if we did we would ignore them). Usually general concensus decides who is nudd (often the guy who is most irritated about it)
  7. You don't want to be nudd
  8. Although there is no strict rule forbidding you to poke someone's eye out when nudding, it is not appreciated. Aim for the legs.
  9. Throwing poles is allowed, but can get you in trouble if you miss and the guy you aimed at picks the pole up and throws it off a cliff.
And that brings us to the obvious question - who is Nuddmeister of the year?

Nuddmeister of the year!!!

He almost got out if, or so he thought, by ambushing Henrik just as he skiied down towards the ski-rental place to give back his skiis. Henrik skiied right up to Mattias, pretending to not really know who was nudd. Mattias, with a triumphant smile, lunged towards Henrik with his pole and then watched in horror as Henrik nimbly jumped off his skiis in a flash, forever ruining his chances of giving someone else the Title. And how did Henrik do this? Well, he was just pretending to be skiing, he was wearing normal boots and just standing on the skiis sliding down the slope. Hahahahaha.

Needless to say, after a whole week of intensive skiing most of us are very tired. No bones broken, luckily, but many bones creaking.

Happy Goyada founders wearing their Goyada hats. As if the skitrip was sponsored...
Anders is smiling because he hasn't realized yet that he has lost his passport.

Anders managed to sleep on the bus despite all the turmoil around him.

We had some time to kill at Geneva airport, but no lack of gadgets to keep us entertained...

This is the last picture, the whole gang gathered at the airport just before jumping on the plane. We gave Sophia a bottle of sparkling peach wine in a cool bottle as thanks for organizing the trip!

(hey, we made it, the food hasn't come! Damned slow service... :o)

By the way (yes, here comes the by-the-ways) as soon as we get back home and can get a connection to internet, we will collect the last emails and tell you who won the various competions on this site!

Here comes the food, bye!!!

Well. The food took a little longer to come (yep. bad service) so now I'll write a bit. Oh this is Mattias by the way. There's one thing which all of you dedicated readers must have noticed in the above text. Yes. Its the question of who is the WURPMEISTER of the YEAR!

We started to discuss it, and at this very moment, a piece of paper is circling the skigang members for them to fill in who is to be the Vurpmeister anno 2001, and why this person is to get this honourable title (and be joked with until next year).

According to the Captain of this Flight, the excitement of this vurpmeister poll is tangible in the entire cabin. All passengers are whispering to each other and discussing who the skigang will vote as the Vurpmeister 2001. The jury, ready to take bribes, stand tall at the fore of the plane, dressed in the ancient ceremonial robes worn by the native shamans of Tski-Gung, our proud ancestors. Who will it be? Will there be any dirty tricks? Why is it taking so much time? As we all know, the outcome of this vote will have earthshaking effects on the global economy and all that.

This is Mattias Jansson, live on flight SK7870, and I'll hand it over to Henrik at the Studio. Henrik?

Henrik here, taking over! The votes are coming in one by one and the tension is definitely rising. Stefan is now counting the votes.... who will it be? From what I can see, glancing over his shoulder, it looks quite unanimous, this won't be like a certain US presidential election.

And the result is.... Anders!!!! It turned out that everyone voted Anders, except one person who voted Pelle. Who might that haven been??? Very exciting.  Here were some of the motivations offered:

Here was Anders' that one guy's motivation for voting on Pelle:
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