Friday - day 0

Actually, the only travellers so far is Erland and Mattias who are going to Austria by train and left today. The rest of us (the Jetset ;) leaves tomorrow morning by plane. Everyone seems busy packing tonight; the phone rings every now and then with questions about times, skiboots, flightnumbers, longjohns, computers, towels and what silly games to bring. The Virrmaister so far is Tumba, lemme quote...'what, are we leaving tomorrow - I thought it was on Sunday?!'  Though, he *did* have the correct time :o)

While waiting for more exciting reports, you can surf to Bad Hofgastein or have a look at our rooms or enjoy the photos below.


This is not one of us...

skipic1.gif (181903 bytes)

...neither is this (skis crossed!)...

skipic2.jpg (9083 bytes)

...nor this (skis crossed again!!)

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