Sunday - day 2

Anders GESTINKEN bitte!!! (link coming soon). Öh, today was our first day on the slopes!!!!! incredible- the snow was perfect, and the weather (except for the last hour) was great!

The 13 people in te dreaded skigang promptly split up into umty-three different groups, and after deciding to meet at 13.30 at a restaurant, only four daring souls dök upp. but that was almost expected so I guess thats ok (I=Mattias). A little bit about the train trip yesterday (I fell asleep oo early to pet it into the webpage yesterday)- Erl and I managed to get all the way to Bad hoppgastein without any real misshaps- we had a real nice trip!

Spontanious quotes:

Levitte: Oh shit! its the right part. Your the gadget man in the (mumble)
Tumba: Dont you think its a kinda stupid looking one??
Anders: So if you pull that thing it (mumble)
Henrik: is silent because he realised what I was doing...

(Mattias evil eye is always watching us/Anders)

well thats that from me- on a private note: Anna- älskar dig och saknar dig!

Well, anyway, the weather looked pretty crappy from my room, I'm going home!

The others had a great day however!  Stefan likes hanging around in the hallway...

The gondole swinging back and forth in the wind (worried parents, quickly move on to the next picture, to see what the weather was really like...)

Wishful thinking about the weather... (which part of the picture is manipulated?)

Sia, Henrik and Maaaaaas doing highclass sausage testing

Aaaaahhhh, how sweet...

Another personal note: HI MOM, I love the robe!

The only documented vurps today were performed by maas and henrik.
Note by Richard der Vimzige:  For some reason, everyone wants to call me a vurpmeister, but these pictures aren't me?  Where are the pictures of my vurps, pray tell?

By the way, yes I do stink! I just ate 8 pieces of garlic to make sure I feel better by tomorrow.  Mattias just ran away from me, I won't be standing in any lineups tomorrow, HEHEHE.  Just breathe forward, and the whole skihill will be ALL MINE...

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