Monday - day 3

Guess who we found in one of our closets? Meet Dustpuppy, our new mascot, and a mean skier.

We reconquered the slopes, better than ever. Well, after getting everyone woken up and having breakfast, we spent whatever was left of the day reconquering the slopes. Erl is the day's vurpmeister after landing upside down in a half meter of powder.

Anette went a bit over the top, and found a piercing shop where they also sold pet spiders. She had a blast. We're all trying to stay out of her way now... I'm glad I'm not living with the spiders.

Fig 1. Witchen von der Knibergen

In order to hide her identity from us, she had to disguise herself. All of a sudden, out of the storm, came (drumroll, please!)

Fig 2. Comrade Colonel Anettovich of the Stormtroopers.

Levitate found the phone number to the Austrian Secret Service, and revealed Anette's identity. He's a great hero.

The Colonel quickly disappered into the gytter of small streets in Ga Bad Hofstein.

Fig. It. Out. Pretty town, isn't it?

If you can find our Comrade in the picture, send your answers to and you can win a free week-end with Dustpuppy.

Then for the real crime mystery. Dr. Marten left his new Timberland shoes at the ski-rental place yesterday morning. When he came back in the afternoon, they were gone! Luckily the ski-rental people were really nice, and they payed for a new pair!

Go Figure. Dr. Martens new Timberland shoes.

Good trick, huh? Tomorrow I'm going to "lose" my brand new (5 year old) boots there too. Wish me luck!

We're all getting to know the digital camera. Some more quickly than others. Here's a video of Erl discovering the video features
hi, it's me..uh..anyway: Maria, DAMN you! Jag har inte TID att skicka några primitiva vykort till dig Robert och Cissi, när jag håller på att skriva ett till hela VÄRLDEN..stupid. By the way: Joki...älskar dig! Miss you.  en ros:------{----{@

What a fantastic day of skiing!!!! Sadly, however, only Me (Stefan), Mas (Mattias), TristianK (Kristian) and Moffe (Ms. Moberg) had the wits to figure that if the wind blows heavily on one side of the mountain, there must be a lee-side! Most of the others missed this point and left the slopes... I didn't bring the camera today, so not many ski-pics. It's hard to live up to ones reputation of a dare-devil with a camera in my pocket... Soooo much snow!!!!

Take care ya'll!

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