Tuesday - day 4

Grand Canaria.... Umm, why did we write that?
Stefan- thats a pretty stupid start hehe (Mattias)

Today was (so far) the best skiing! The sun shone every now and again, though not as often as it does in Grand Canaria!!!

Lots of pretty pictures though. We begin with early morning.

Fig Newton... TristianK... almost awake...

Stefan lost his inspiration so Ill continue.. (Mattias) Stefan ran off and let off an F-bomb instead.
At least he had the courtesy to leave the room...

Anyway, we split up into two main groups today, (actually two groups and Lisa taking it easy on her own, and Anders at home reading (hes still a little förkyld)). Now I'm running out of what to say so Ill go take a cig... er.. Richard taking over...

[Richard] Actually, I was into another group today, with an instructor (I'd like to see you after not having done any skiing for ten years :-)).  It was very nice, my skills were enhanced by x (imagine a pretty high one-digit number, or 17)...  until after lunch, when I tried to step back into my skis.  The meachanism actually worked, but for some reason, my shoe wouldn't stay...  Ayup, the small piece of plastic holding the back of my shoe was missing!!!  I found it in the snow...  er...  a little like this:

Fix something: See those cracks?

Well...  at least, I got a nice ride in one of those huge snow plows.  Now that was cool!!!!!!

[back to Mattias] Oh and I forgot to say something- the reason why all of us are so zonked right now and that todays journal isnt really the top quality of the skigangTM .. er stuff is because of what Ba said in the beginning- it was so damn good weather today!!! We skiied (how do you spell that damn word) and skiied (see above) so much that when we got back most of us were ..er exhausted down to our marrows.

[back to Stefan] Yeeeeeha! Let's cut the crap and get to business! Namely some pictures!

Here we see TristianK and Maaaaaaaaas hangin' in da air, like they just don't care.... Er.

Jaaa! This picture says it all, doesn't it? Dooh! (Homer accent!)

Here we see the group... Though I was happy to get a REALLY NICE follow-up! A must see! It's only about 200k!

One of the highlights of the day was when everyone decided to follow Henrik... If you ever have such an opportunity, DON'T... Run AWAY!

We had to use all our mountaineering, navigational and survival skills to get out of this one. With a level 5 (maximum) avalanche warning, we tracked out to the wilderness... All of us survived.

Even though Henrik waylead us into near disaster, he kept his face up and was the usual good entertainer.

The first picture is taken BEFORE the pasta!

Maaaas trying to get the papparazi away while attempting to produce some yellow snow.

Vurps of the day!
Henrik was todays VurpmeisterTM!

On the first pic you can see him by himself, lying with a big smile on his face. Does he enjoy this?
On the second picure he happily accompanied me (Stefan) in the second documented vurp...

If you haven't already, then you must see the real vurp of the day (same file as the link above).

Anyway, the skiing went on and all were happy.. Click here to see Stefan and Mattias (120k)!

[Mattias back]

We skiied (how do you spell that word again?)

we after skiied (dito)

and we ate a great dinner produced by our goggle wearing, onion peeling lady- Lisa!

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