Wednesday - Moffe's birthday!

Happy birthday Moffe!!!

Today.... um... actually Yesterday, cuz we were too busy partying, and Tumba kept stealing the computer to do work ("uh, it's like... HIS...", says Mattias, and then "what?"), and don't worry people it's not like we were buried in an avalanche or anything (for all you worried parents and girlfriends that phoned), is, as we already mentioned, our skigang pal Moffe's BIRTHDAY!!!

A fourfold live for her, or an enfaldig leve for her.  HIP HIP (OK audience, be ready to shout HURRA in just a sec... not NOW.... not NOW.... but NOOOOOWWWW!)  HURRRAAAAA, HURRRRAAAAA, HURRRRAAAAA.


We just realized now, that we never actually gave her the present we planned?  (MJ:  "Oh we forgot the present Henrik".).  Now MJ is coming over to see what I am doing.  Oh yeah, we did give here SOMETHING, but not the "official" present.  The official present was a basket of candy, the inofficial (but much more useful) present was a pair of ski goggles!  She was happy. Anyway, here is a selection of party noises.

link to party noises (an 80k video which is actually just a still image with background noise... uh... sounds... uh... music?).  Shutup Henrik (says Anders).

So, we had a great dinner (says one of the cooks), half of the gang was spa-ing (uh... bathing in the thermal temple, you know, hot baths and sauna and lots of naked people and stuff like that.  And of course lots of beer, Erl adds eagerly (who wasn't even spaing that day)). " Yeah, you swim outdoors" Mattias and Anders add.  Shutup Anders, this paragraph is getting too long as is.

AAaaaaanyway. I played lots of guitar.  Sidenote - "I" means "Henrik" who is doing the hard work of typing all this at breakneck speed on a crappy laptop keyboard, but he has a whole pile of backseat drivers shouting comments at him, thus causing the mess.  "type faasster they keerp ssscrekmaminig weich kind off meesssigsss my stping up".

Uh oh, this is turning out to be one of those text-intensive pages.  If you are getting bored, scroll down to the pictures!!!

So, today half the gang bummed around. Well, according to themselves, rejuvinated themselves and gathered energy for the next day.  The other gang skiid like hell.  Sia adds a note which has nothing to do with this topic, but which is nevertheless relevant.  "Jag klådde Erland i Schack" (= I beat Erl in chess).  Erl lifts his finger in protest.  "If I were to write about all the games that I'd won, we'd still be on day 1".  Henrik intervenes to stay on the topic.  The skiday.

Henrik (I love speaking of myself in third person), Mattias, and Karin discovered OFFPIST!  No, no, don't worry, we didn't do any dangerous offpists, just the small innocent ones between then pists. Of course, Kristian, Moffe, Anette, and Richard were along too, having alot of fun watching us tumbling down the hill like pingpong bolls.  Falling in powder snow is really fun.

Karin about today's wurpmeister: "Everybody fell alot, but Mattias wins because it took me ten minutes to excavate him out of the snow".  Witness report from the narrator: "Yep, he was really stuck in the deep schnee".

A close candidate, however, was Sia who unreliable witnesses claim fell ten times on Karin's telemark skiis.

"hey guys we need a picture now, just one, to keep the audience reading"... We have no skipictures today (we would have broken the camera if we brought it), so you only get party pictures.

The alien onion peelers

The people on these pictures have nothing to do with these photos, and are purely fictional

The whole skigang gathered in one photo!  An unprecented event!

*gurgle gurgle gurgle*

"oooooh, hey that was good champagne!  Oh, did you want some too?"

"And NOW you give me a glass!"

The rest of us had to make do with beer

Dr Geiger and Ms Hyde

The happy cooks at work

Three lovely girls entertaining themselves before dinner

Anette was complaining that we only had mean pictures of her, so here is an angel picture.  Actually, she was so lost in her book she didn't even noticed us taking the picture.

The day ended when X took the last piece of cake!  (mystery question: who is X? And what is his/her/its connection to the mysterious comrade colonel Anettovich?)

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