Thursday - day 6

Today all of us took the bus to Dorfgastein (a.k.a. Doffgastein).

Most of the day Henrik was carrying around the camera without any disks, but later on Sia brought some disks and after chasing each other around the slopes for half the day they found each other, so here is the only descent skipicture of today!

Yes, he's skiing now for the first time after his horrible disease that paralyzed him for .... yeah yeah yeah.  He was sick, today he skiid, and he fell, and he earned the title WURPMEISTER because he managed actually to produce red snow!  Nothing terrible, don't worry folks, but he is now the proud bearer of a WURPMARK!

"Thanks Dad for the Peruvian hat which has been both warm and very silly".
Karin: "Looks like two long braids from the back.  You easily find him in the slope!"
Sia: "Like Laurence of Arabia who traded in his camel for a pair of skiis".

Mårten posing in front of our hotel (up to the left)

Darwin: "How the heck could evolution have created a gene pool like this?"

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