Friday - day 7


Er.. this is the last evening here in Badhoppgastein, and its kinda like er like a little vemodigt, whatever its called here in Austrian or German or Strudlian. Anways, right now, Moffe, TristianK, Erl, Pungrik, PunDERS, and me, Pungmas, are sitting here in room 24, on Moff's bed and we're like writing and fixing and working with this page.

This day has been really great, we got up relatively late, but managed to get a hell of a lot of skiing done. Er some people skiied (dammit how do you spell that word) less than all day, actually just two hours, but other people vurped.

Anders taking a deep schnee schwim.

 BUT we all had lots of fun during that period. The last hour was spent nudding (def: a crazy version of tag which includes furious ski pole fencing (see below) and high speed chases down and up the slopes and lifts)

The nuddmeister of the millenium is (drum rolls)...... is....... Erl!!!! (wild applause). He was caught by Anders just two seconds before safety before taking off his skis at the rental place (taking off skis means safety).

Our martyr and mascot Anette (speaking of nudd) was the lucky recipient of  the nudd marktm  at the hands of X (the same X who snuck off with the last of Moffes b-day cake (hint: the person who got ill in Spain)

note: our nuddgames do not usually cause red snow (note: do NOT eat red, yellow, or green snow (note: when in doubt, just dont eat snow or boil it ten minutes))

Today, we managed to all eat lunch together at Stubnerkogel (toppStrudel) high up on the top of the whole Badgastein ski system.

Today's Friday, so here are the monocle pictures:

By the time we managed to fix the monocle pics, it was time for the traditional imitate-the-painting-on-the-wall-in-the-pub schtrudle (henriks spelling)  (commonly called da ITPOTWITP schtrudle) (try pronouncing that!!!)

da ITPOTWITP schtrudle

Two nice pictures of three silly people wearing four normal hats (who can spot the last one?)

One nice picture of two silly people wearing no normal hats (who can spot the last one?)

And as a final note to you violent people out there, here are two Auschtrian Heidis schtrudling at the buschschtop.

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