Saturday - day 8

Finally! Day 8 is updated - sorry about the delay but we have a really good excuse :o)

After a morning of chaotic packing Mattias and Erl hit the train while the rest of us hit the slopes (since our plane was leaving later on in the evening). Finally we had a sunny skiday!

Actually it looks pretty gray on this picture, but it WAS sunny!  Trust us!

Our last day of skiing was wonderful (but don't tell Mattias or Erl that...).  Here is a picture of some of us having our last afterski chocolate-mit-schlaug and apfelstrudel-mit-vanillen-sauce on top of the world. *sob*


In the meantime Mattias and Erl were chugging along back home to Sweden, they were having a nice time though :o)

Tumba, Sia, Henrik, and Anders spent some time filming each other on the slopes, but those videos are a bit too big (OK, and lousy) for web-use, but if you really badly want to see them then you'll have to beg.

Here we're trying to figure out who owe's who how much.  Excel comes to use sometimes, especially when 13 people have totally intermeshed their economies for a week... it's like we turned to communism during the week, and had to revert to good ol' capitalism before going home.

Unfortunately the train people didn't have a camera with them so you won't get to see any nice view-from-train pictures any time soon, but here are some pictures of the plane gang terrorizing airports instead:

Sia giving a free Bach guitar concert at Salzburg airport.

A tough game of Aquarius at Frankfurt airport.

An unexpected error occurred on one of the ad projector screens at Arlanda airport in Sweden... BILL, WHERE ARE YOU TODAY?

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