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Are you using a Java 1.1-enabled browser?
(for example Netscape 4.06, Internet Explorer 4, or later)
(if someone has time to write Javascript to check this automatically then I will be grateful...)


Good! Then click here to run the demo applet.   

I think so...

Then I suggest give the demo applet a try.   If you get an error then you probably didn't have a Java 1.1-enabled browser.   In that  case follow the instructions below.

No, I don't know, or probably not.

OK, you will have run the plugin version - this will work with Netscape 3 and Internet Explorer 3 and later version. Your browser will ask you to download Java-plugin (if you don't already have it).  This may take a while, but then again you only have to do it once, then you can run any Java-plugin applet in the future. Do it!

click here to run the demo applet using Java-plugin.

I have JDK and I want to use the appletviewer

OK, then go ahead and type the following:

appletviewer http://www.whiteorb.com/gate/orbApplet.html 

It will take about a minute to download, so be patient.  Note that it will download the White Orb server and start it locally on your computer, so you will not meet any other players... (I'll change this as soon as I find a good place to run the server).  If you have any trouble or if anything seems to not work then please take the time to contact me and describe what happened and what computer & OS you are using.

While it's downloading I recommend you check through the User's Guide...


Player client

Floating property windows

Builder client

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