The Vision

Project goals

This project can be divided into two parts:
  1. Making a general system for tile-based internet roleplaying
  2. Using that system to make a great fantasy-style roleplaying world
I will have obviously have to implement the system first before implementing the game that uses the system. So why am I spending time doing this? Here are the reasons (in approximate priority order):

Game goals

These are the fundamental game goals upon which I'm basing most design decisions:

No mindless killing of everthing in sight just to gain levels

Promote interaction between players

Flexible and consistent code design

Players should be able to build and modify the world

Self-regulated economy and resource system

A world that is (reasonably) independent of it's graphical representation

Smart NPCs

Long term dreams

So far this project has worked better than I ever expected (and I'm the optimistic type so I had high expectations...).  So now I'm starting to believe that this will, in fact turn into a generic tile-based game development system that game programmers can use to create fun games of this sort without having to do the dirty work (and there is A LOT of dirty work to be done, believe me...).

The idea is that the potential game developer downloads the White Orb core classes in a single file called WhiteOrb.jar.  This includes everything you need, but no "world".  Then the developer creates his own Actions, Events, Items, Activities, NPC personalites, Icons, etc (although we may provide a "world starter kit" for developer who want to start from a default set of items, actions, and stuff).

When the world is complete, he starts the whole thing on a server somewhere and invites players to join.  Vóila.

BUT, here's where the really fun part starts.  Let's say a number of these White Orb servers are running on the net.  Even though they may be completely different worlds and will look completely different, they are all based on the same core (we will make sure the core can't be modified).  That means they are basically compatible - so I can make a portal in my fantasy world that leads to your science fiction world!  Basically this means that White Orb will be one big distributed system.  There are of course numerous complications to deal with, but nothing that we shouldn't be able to deal with.  As far as I know there are currently no games that allow you to move characters between different game systems, so maybe this will be a first!

But, as I stated above, these are long term dreams.  First of all we're just aiming to make a fun game that people will enjoy playing :o)

Henrik Kniberg

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