Day 2 - Jan 20

Wonderful sun, lovely company and crappy snow. Unless you're fond of geology, interesting stones in the slopes and iceology (or whatever the %&/# it's called).

Here are the ladies wearing stoneproof helmets, earning them the nickname The Helmuts. Very useful against bad hair days, they say.

Sia and Henrik tested the strength and robustness of french spaghetti. It failed miserably.


L'homme Ipren blessed us with his presence. Thankfully, no sound file.

While the Helmuts made dinner (paella), the rest of the gang inspected the local pubs. Notice Johans strategic placement in front of the dart board.

Henrik and Johanna were asked to act naturally...

Sorry we won't have time to upload this until tomorrow morning, but if you're reading this it probably has been done...

By the way, there are probably more pictures, even SKI pictures. But Mr P, proud owner of a digital camera, forgot to bring his cable. An the infamous Mr T is ... well... sleeeeping and we don't dare wake him up. So as far as we know... we are too tired to go around chasing cameras right now. So this is what you get. So there. And now we are tired and should reaaly reely stop riting before our graaamer and speling gets totaly mesd upp.

Good bye.

This is it.

(actually this is an old trick, I think we did it on an earlier ski trip, didn't we, Kristian?)

(Kristian: Yeah I think we did)

(Henrik: um....)

(Henrik: uh... Kristian we're still doing it)

(Henrik: Sia, tell us to stop please)

(Sophia: Jag har redan sagt att you are so silly)

(Sophia: but you forgot to write it)

(Henrik: by the way, do you think they will notice that our grammar has improved again?)

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