Day 4 - Tuesday Jan 22 2002

"Why's it called taking a dump, when you're actually GIVING a dump"?
    - Stefan Tumba, Val Thorens 2002  (What a terrific starting topic, eh?)

"A toast to the cocks"
    - Anders Olsson, Val Thorens 2002 (he meant "a toast to the cooks" but got the languages mixed up. Tried to rescue the situation by adding "and to the ladies as well").

Vurpmeister of the day is............. after a 13-to-1 popular vote....... with plenty of propaganda and speeches before the vote..................... PEEEELLLEEEEEE!!!!! See the video below, it speaks for itself. It was a failed suicide attempt. Next time he will try a bit more to the left. (by the way, to Pelle's credit, the slope was a HELL of a lot steeper than it looks on the video (next time the cameraman will tilt a bit more...)).

Here's Pelle, utterly astounded to not have hit the side of the mountain, or realizing that he has now out-vurped his entire crew, a calling of the vurpmeister title... Which one it was however, i cannot tell....

We have a nice video of this incident, but our internet connection is too lousy to upload it right now. We'll do it after the trip!
ok, here it is! (you can skip the last part, the camera kept rollin' :)
Note: Works best with QuickTime. If any of the videos are uncooperative, download them (rightclick-save...) and run them locally on your computer!

Runner-up was Kristian who got more than a mouthful.

The ladies are currently washing the dishes (don't ask) and singing Chili Con Carne (wow sounds pretty good actually). Alot better than some of the dinner singing we did.

(Some hour later from the line above, Stumba is singing the lyrics to...Ice, ice, baby. We have to give him credit for knowing the words, but it's kind of... scary?)

We ate.... a 3 course dinner! Well, or so they say. We are still waiting for the dessert. (pause to play humfred)..

.... oh nobody is here right now, they are all running around so we'll wait with humfred.

Here's the starter we had today:

Quite nice eh? Here's the main course we had yesterday, for comparison: (aka pig fodder...)

Comments from yesterday's cooks:
- The lighting conditions were different
- This is not the complete dish!
- It tasted better than it looked god dammit!
- Hey, we worked a lot to make that! And it WAS great!

Aaaanyway (lots of wiseasses hanging over my shoulder correcting our mistakes). Another interesting story from the slopes - this time featuring Karin. She was approaching the lift and saw what she thought was Johanna. So she skiid (big debate about how to spell that danged word) right up to her and right into her, and wrapped her arms around her (don't ask what relationship they have by the way). BUT... it turned out to be a 60-year old french man instead!

Comments around the dinner table: "you mistook Johanna for a 60 year old man???". Johanna looked a bit perturbed about it.

An added point... it has been roughly 30 odd minutes into the creation of this webpage, and Stefan is still missing.... No wait! Speak of the devil!!!
"For the love of god, please say you didnt TAKE a dump..."
"No No.... I was giving a dump" - Stefan

OK, here's todays' challenge - what does the sign mean?

Here are some of our guesses -
Johan: "No parking on this mountain top, but try Mont Blanc to the left."
Mårten: "Take a dump over there (not here)". (note that it says "Les Menuires" at the bottom...).
Johanna: "If you're not going to park, don't do it here"
STumba: "Go that way but don't stop"
Karin: "If you go to the left you are a loser".
Anders: "So you thought you'd be better off finding parking here than in central Stockholm... Well, tough luck..."
Sofia M: "Look, snow is in the air (to the left)!"
Fredrik: "There is no parking left" (left haha get it?)

If you have a guess of your own mail to

Speaking of Mt Blanc, here's a group pic. Mt Blanc is at the top left of the picture.


We are sure having an interesting evening. The ladies just serenaded Fredrik. We won't upload the video though, too damned big. Okok, here it is now, with weird red/yellow filter (Note: Works best with QuickTime. If any of the videos are uncooperative, download them (rightclick-save...) and run them locally on your vacuum cleaner!). Hmmmm... the ladies washing dishes (Fredrik insists he was doing is as well), serenading people... hmmm.. that's women's lib for you!

Big Tumba: "four generations ago we were members of the spanish royal house!!!"
Little Tumba: "as what, servants?"

Wow, we just had a beautiful moment. We were all trying to play Humfred and as usual forgot the words. Then Stefan has a brilliant idea - call Jocke (the composer). We got a hold of him and shouted Humfred at him. He was very surprised. Unfortunately he couldn't remember the words either.

(oh no now they are shouting fyllevisor).--- for those who dont know what a "fyllevisor" is.... well, imagine a group of drunk swedes singing a song about drinking as an excuse to take another drink at the end of it... gets quite creative at greater lengths of time....

(Note from the shouter:. "Shout" is a quite hard word. "Atonal", "Like red butted baboons" or "Michael Jackson" is more like it. All of which represent something that cant sing...)

And here's another song for you - the Very Very Late Night Show with Stefan Tumba the Rockstar...
Note: Works best with QuickTime. If any of the videos are uncooperative, download them (rightclick-save...) and run them locally on your washing machine!

By the way, you should really appreciate these pages because it takes a lot of technology and hard work. As the picture below illustrates, it takes two computers, a mac, a hub, and a bard.

Unfortunately Sophia was sick today and stayed in bed. But she did not seem to bored. Tomorrow she will go skiing even if she has to stuff herself with pills.

Sophia enjoyed Southpark in the bed all day.

By the way, did you know they sell cocktails in boxes in France?

Actually, this was the apertif to a three course dinner.

New cathegory: KLYSCH-MEISTER
The winner hitherto, and favourite for the rest of the week is...tadam-dam-dam...JOHANNA!!!
Best quotes this far.
No: 1
Om det snöar i natt och spricker upp i morgon bitti. DET vore perfekt.
In translation: If it falls snow during the night, and the clouds breaks up in the morning. THAT would be perfect!
No: 2
Klockan tio på kvällen, när det ska vara tyst i alla lägenheter enligt hotellreglerna:
Nu måste vi prata med SMÅ bokstäver...
In translation: Said around ten a'clock, when, according to the rules of the hotel, all apartments should be quiet (yeah right!):
Now we'll have to talk wiith SMALL letters...

For this, she receives the highly coveted cup of holy grain
(okay, its filled with whiskey), called The Shut Up. Big, and glued to your lips.

A late quote: Tumba: (Joining the lyrics in Red Hot Chilli Peppers Under the bridge...): Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner...
Anders: You don't.
The rest of the gang: Rolling around shouting with laughter

Worst joke of the day:
"Have you heard of the big mac? Have you heard of the cheese burger? Have you heard of the hamburger? Have you heard of the Pelle TorBerger?"

Henrik's comment: OH GOD
(you probably need a half bottle of wine to appreciate that joke)

The night is young, the computer is fragile, so let's say....


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