Day 6 - Jan 24

Ladies and gentlemen - we have a special announcement....

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! You won't be able to see this page tonight! Because those &%¤# crackers have hacked this server again! So this site will be down until the 29th of january at the very least!

But the GOOD news is that, if you are reading this, we have fixed it! Hurraaaay!

Now LAY OFF this server please, all damned crackers!

Someone should make that stuff illegal.

What? It IS illegal? And they are doing it anyway??? But but but... how COULD they? That's BAD! What's this world coming to? People doing illegal stuff and all...

Enough of that. Let the actual day 6 page start.

So, we start with the most important thing - WURPMEISTER!

The photo leaves no doubt. Yes it is a person, it is Daniel! Just a few seconds after the snowplow ran over him (haha just kidding).

By the way, if any of you Swedes plan to come here for breakfast don't fall for this trick:

No. It is not butter ("smör" means butter in swedish). It says "St. Môret", right Anders? It was actually cream cheese, a lousy substitute for butter. Caused some grumbles and gripes around the breakfast table this morning.

Today it SNOOOOOOWWWEEEED!!! All night and all day and still does :))
If you look at this picture you might get a picture of how it was...

Now. We feel that these pages have been slightly unserious. It is time for a change. Let us introduce a more cultural section of skigang. After discussing some pseudoexistential cineatic topics, we decided to make a movie in true film-noire spirit. The ça va movie! And while you're waiting for us to upload the whole movie (here it is! Though some of the experts say the first version made in the dark corridor is better), you can enjoy a short teaser: The Making Of the ça va movie! (it's a soundfile with our great director Pelle explaining the plot)
Note: The videos works best with QuickTime. If any of the videos are uncooperative, download them (rightclick-save...) and run them locally on your computer!

And while you're downloading it, enjoy this nice picture of Val Thorens By Night with snow in the foreground and the church in the background. The church contains a consert sized grand piano, which to Sophia's great frustration turned out to be locked.

Imagine also the mountain silhouettes surrounding the village, slightly enlightened by the full moon...


nerd note: a cracker is an evil hacker

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